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Bob Heddleston Memorial

It is hard to imagine an individual that was a more genuine, caring, and compassionate human being than Bob Heddleston. For those who knew Bob even slightly, it was easy to see what a special person he was and the impact that he has left upon us all.

Bob was a true admirer of athletics from his boyhood days in Beaver, PA to his days as the head of the Golden Panthers at the University of Pittsburgh. It wasn't an unfamiliar sight to see Bob at a Pitt football game cheering endlessly for the team that he loved. Bob truly bled "Blue and Gold".

Bob's most important passion in life was his faith, a calling which allowed him to gain stronger and more meaningful relationships with his family and friends, and most importantly his own relationship with God.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes was Bob's most cherished charitable organization. Bob couldn't have been more exuberant about the fusion of his two passions; the student athlete and Christianity. He was confident that it was simply not enough to grant a student athlete with an education, but that life tools were required to build great character. FCA shared that vision. Bob would have been very pleased and appreciative of the efforts put forth by all of the individuals who are helping contribute to the growth of FCA and it's impact upon the community.

Ryan Heddleston

Bacchus "Boys"

In 1989 a group of men fostered the idea to enjoy mutual interests including golf outings, sporting events, dinner parties, wine and cigars. As time went on, most of them ended up attending the same Christian church New Community Church in Wexford Pennsylvania. Eventually they decided to use their social skills to host a fund-raising event supporting various Christian ministries devoted to young people in the community. Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has been the main benefactor of this fellowship event. Now in the eleventh year we continue the effort to enjoy the people in the community while supporting local ministries. We hope you enjoy the fellowship event and find all we do in good taste.

Bacchus "Boys" Members: Frank Caso, Terry Chambers, Rege Claus, Fred Deuschle, Jim Dugan, Ken Rogg, Eric Templin, Ed Wilamowski, Bruce Wright

Event Co-Chairmen

Terry Chambers

Jimmy Halliday

Rich Hamilton

Rich Kozak

Ryan Krischke

Eric Marzock

Chuck Picone

Kenny Rogg

Ed Wilamowski

Matt Haff

Jeff Kelley

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